Too Many Companies are letting their Business Their Lives. Are you One of Them?
Most entrepreneurs can’t wait until the day their business finally is making money and they can get to enjoy the “fruits of their labor”. The sad truth is many never get the chance to really enjoy this period of success. Many are too wrapped up in running the day to day needs of the business. Worrying about..

  • Who is going to post the blog this week?
  • Did the Newsletter go out?
  • Did someone put the latest news on the Web?
  • How many sales did I make this week?
  • Have I made all the arrangements for my next event?
  • How am I going to grow my business?
  • Did all the vendors get paid?
  • Were all the clients happy with their purchases?
  • Did that last web promotion work? How do we know?

The list can go on and on…. and so can the sleepless nights… or can you hire an Online Business Manager to partner up with you and take care of these and MANY more day to day tasks.

An Online Business Manager is your Partner, your Business’s Personal Advocate

On Online Business Manager is the one that will put your business first. The one that will protect and serve your Business. The one that will make sure all the Maps are laid out, all the teams are in place, all the “i” are dotted. We are the grease that makes the business machine run smooth and the glue to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Wouldn’t be nice to know that you can end a week knowing that all the day to day “fires” were put out? That someone has your back and can help you run your business more efficiently? Today there are a small group of Certified Business Managers available to do just that. We are trained to run the business, hire and manage the employees (whether virtual or not), take the metrics to measure impact and success rates, assist with product launches, assist with event management, and lots more.

Are you Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager?

If you are tired of the sleepless nights, and ready to make the commitment to hire an Online Business Manager or want to discuss how we can help you grow your business… please schedule your FREE 30 Minute phone consultation .

Today we are in the process of growing so that we can better serve our client’s needs. We have added Daniela Franco to our team to assist us with Social Media Posting and Management for our Clients. We are also all being trained and will soon be certified as Social Media Marketing Specialists. We should be completed with this program by the Middle of October.

What's new at Your Virtual Assistants?

Your Virtual Assistants is Pleased to Offer their Complete Social Media Services.

Social Media Management has become a larger part of Virtual Assistants’ tasks.
Many companies that are just starting into the Social Media Jungle have no idea how to manage or navigate this new area marketing. Your Virtual Assistants is please and excited to offer this specialize service to our clients. We can now assist you with making a Social Media plan, how to put the plan into action and also assist you and your company with analyzing the data to make sure your Social Media plan is working and paying off.

Online Business Management is coming to Your Virtual Assistants

Feeling completely overwhelm with running your business? Looking to have some some time in your day to work on the important aspects of your business and not focusing on the day to day? Let Your Virtual Assistants show you have we can help you run your day to day tasks freeing you and allowing you to work on more vital and important areas of your business. Online Business Managers can assist you with hiring employees, managing you social media, managing you marketing efforts, marketing new products and a lot more. If you are looking for a true partner in your business to assist you grow your business and care in your success- look to Your Virtual Assistants Online Business Managers to assist you with a personal- hands on approach. Let us be the ones to worry about your sales materials, marketing, and more so that you can start resting at night knowing that we’ve got your back!
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Virtual Assistants


blog 2Blogging:

Not long ago, a diary was a deeply personal thing — a journal of thoughts and observations, kept under lock and key and often buried in a dresser drawer.

The Web has a way of changing things. Now, a diary of thoughts, observations and insight — posted on the Internet — may be a way to boost your business.

Web logs, or “blogs” as they’re better known, have become a way to engage readers and potential customers of businesses big and small.

Blogging is a journal posted on a Web site, updated on a regular basis and containing news, opinions, ideas and brainstorms. It might also have links to other sources of information, other Web sites and other blogging sites.

If done properly, blogging have a tremendous benefit relative to search engines, and give your website higher rankings.

Not into Blogging? Try this.. Also Free


Maybe you are contemplating of a barrage of advertisements on television, billboards, magazines and practically everywhere. Nonetheless, the solution can be as simple as publishing newsletters.

It may sound a little awkward to you. But the blatant fact is that businessmen and marketing people underestimate the persuasive power of newsletters. Some are thinking that only few people are interested in newsletters. They are just pieces of paper clump together – nothing more! Hence, to pursue marketing through them is just a waste of our time and resources.

People are more likely to read news than ads. In fact, they care less about ads. For them they are bunches of puffing. Thus, they settle on something that can be useful in their everyday living like news and current events.

Newsletters can be had as a powerful marketing tool. Savvy businessmen use them to slash advertising expenses and to secure that the business information will not be simply overlooked.

Bear in mind that the formula for newsletter readership is 90-95% content and 10-5% ads. That way, you will not appear annoying to the readers.

Do Not Have the Time or Talent for Blogging or Writing?

Both of these tasks a Virtual Assistant can help you with. Most businessmen do not have the time to start, let alone continue with these important marketing tools. If you are one of those who can never find the time or maybe it is just not your thing… Your Virtual Assistants offers you both services for a reasonable fee. If you are interested in hearing more, please feel free to contact us today.

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Meet the Your Virtual Assistants Team.

Valerie, Johnna and Joel were the founders and co-owner of Computers 101 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for over 9 years. After the economic downturn in the US, many younger American began moving to Mexico and setting up shop as “computer experts” causing the number of computer techs had simply overwhelmed the existing market. After several strategy sessions, Computers 101 made the decision to entirely change the business model from an in-home computer and web site design services business to a virtual assistance company whose primary mission is providing all types of services to small and mid-sized companies.

Your Virtual Assistants was founded at the end of 2010.

Today, Your Virtual Assistants has five team members and a growing client base. As a way to introduce ourselves to our client base, we have decided to take this time out to allow you to get to know our team better. Every two weeks will will highlight of out team members. This week we will be featuring Johnna Londen. Johnna Londen moved to Mexico with her husband roughly 8 years ago. She started working as a ESL teacher in San Miguel de Allende. After Computers101 quickly began expanding its client base, she made a professional decision to join then Computers101 team as a computer technician and assist with the client calls and put her AA in Network Engineering to work for her.


More about Your Virtual Assistants Team Member Johnna1345 (2)

She enjoys music, exercising, movie watching as well as reading. She and her husband currently own 3 dogs; a Rat Terrier named Tuesday and a German Sheppard named Estrella and a Fox Terrier named Chiquita. She also just recently lost over 80 pounds-Congratulations!!

Check back again on the Your Virtual Assistants Blog page to find out more about the team and Your Virtual Assistants news.

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Meet the Your Virtual Assistants Team.


This edition we are introducing you to Joel Londen. Joel is our Graphic Design and Web Design “go to” guy. He has a great eye for design and is not the average designer.Joel Londen

Why Joel is vital to the Your Virtual Assistants team

He is known for thinking outside the box and gives a unique creative flair to all of his work. When not working, Joel is an avid computer game player. He also enjoys music (all different types) as well as an avid Food Network TV viewer. He is one who is comfortable in the kitchen and enjoys trying new flavors. He and his wife, Johnna, have been in San Miguel for over 8 years.

Other Virtual Assistants Team News

Your Virtual Assistants Team is pleased to announce that we are starting to get certified in special Virtual Assistants Areas. Please check out more on our Services page.