Today, one of the most important things that a small business owner can do, is to monitor their website traffic. Google Analytics is a free program that does just that. All you need to go is sign up for an account, place a small piece of code on your site- and BAM your stats are automatically started. If you are using WordPress, there is a plugin you can use to identify your site to Google. All you would need to do is enter in your Unique ID number that Google gives you when you sign up for an account.

These numbers can show you how much traffic you are getting, how long people are on your site and which pages they are looking at. Google just added the social media channels to see how well you are engaging with your communities and how much traffic is coming from your social media engagements.

These numbers are great for measuring how well a social media campaign is going or even a special promotion. If you are getting the traffic, but not the sales- this allows you to take another look at the offer to see why no one is buying. You can make some tweaks to the offer or the page- and then wait and see if those tweaks work or not.

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We have seen firsthand what social media can do to a business that is just starting up as well as an established business.

One key to Social Media success is taking the time to create your list and to look for the right followers to  connect. You need to have a target audience or preferred customer base to connect and engage with.

But what most forget to do, or do not even realize they need to do,  is find out when that audience is actually engaging in their social media. You can spend all the time you would like on the creating of all the lists,  but if you do not engage and interact with your audience when they are online, all that work has been for nothing. This can leave you wondering why you are getting any results or feedback at all.

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There was a time when customer service was the key to any good and successful business. You would see and talk with your clients directly and handle any transactions and problem in person.
Those times have changed. With the creation of the internet and the start of internet business, who would have known that the internet would grow like wildfire? Today. with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Medias and review sites, business now have additional tools to grow and maximize both clients and sales.
Now with all the online tools, many people and companies are seeing less and less of their clients face to face. With all this new web 2.0 stuff available to the business owner or customer out there; does customer service still rank high in importance?


Simply put, Yes! Applications will not ever take the place of a happy satisfied customer. You may make a sale or gain a client by using the new technology, but if the client has an issue or a problem it is important to remember to take the time to address them on a personal note.  The client will not continue to be a client  or worse the client can kill your business with just one Tweet or Bad post!


This is something for you to stop and think about the next time you make a sale on the internet.  Taking the client’s money is not the end of the sale!  The key to any success is always customer satisfaction!

Linked InMany people are still hesitating to see the great advantage that Linked In offers. This social media was initially the “in” place to recruit and find jobs. Today, most of that newness has worn off and it is actually becoming more of a Social Network.

Most people load a resume type profile, join a few groups and then leave the network. Of all of the Social Medias, I believe that this one can be the most consuming, but can also be the most advantageous.  If you spend the proper amount of time participating in groups, answering questions in the Answers section, posting your own questions and naturally an engaging profile; Linked In can be a great place to pick up new clients, partners or just great colleagues.

If you have not registered for an account, be sure to ONLY use a company email address. I did not know that when I started my profile and it has led to nothing but headaches and I have been with support now trying to fix all of the issues for over 6 months. Note: Their support has a LOT to learn about reading emails- but that is a whole different story.

Groups: Linked In has a search bar to easily find groups to join. Some are private and you will need to ask permission to join. Some are public that you can join and immediately participate in. It is important to read the rules in each group. Some allow promotional postings on the general forums while some require this to post in the “promotions” tab.  It is important that your first post be to introduce yourself to the group. Tell a brief story about yourself and why you wanted to join the group. This should start the conversation with the group and begin the engagement process. Be sure to check in regularly on the group and help or comment when you can.

Answers: This section is divided by several subject topics to make it easier to post and answer questions.  This is a great area to build up your reputation among the Linked In network- Why is this important you ask- because this is how Linked in rates your profile and will help you be seen more in the general areas and searches.

Connections: This can be acquired in different means. One means is by adding your contacts that you have your other social media channels. You can quickly search their names in the search box and ask to be added. Another way is to buy your first set of connects. There are many people on Fiverr that sell them for a reasonable price. Another way is to connect with people in your groups. Using all three methods should quickly allow you to grow your network and build a social community on Linked in.


If you are looking for more ways to use Linked in to help you grow your business, contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you!