site_map_no_1-bigPart 2 – Design, Development of your new website.

Welcome back to our series on Planning and Implementation of your website.

Today I am going to discuss the importance of Design and Development of your website, and why this aspect is so important to you.

So many people go into the idea of having a website short sighted, they do not completely understand what it takes to create a proper, useful streamlined easy to use website. When you are not completely prepared you will find that creating a website can be a nightmare even if you use a professional. Some find Professionals to be very hard to work with, but that is really not true, they just know the process and require a lot in the beginning to get going. So let’s start at the beginning.

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Are you debating creating a website for your business, Organization or Personal Use?

Well it is not as hard as you may think, it just takes proper planning and implementation. In this series we are going to cover 3 areas; Part 1, Finding your Domain Name and Hosting company, Part 2, Design and Development of your site, Part 3, Implementing and Publishing your site.

When you build anything from a house, business and yes even a website, you need a strong foundation to begin with, for a website that foundation begins with a name. Lets talk about names for a minute, the name of your website, also called a Domain Name is one of the most important pieces of a website, you want that name to be easily remembered, easily searched out on places like Yahoo, Google, Ask and Bing to name a few. A name should not only describe your site in the least amount of words, but not be consumed with so many variations owned by others as to not make your Domain name Unique.
So many Domain Names have already been taken and chances are you will find that most names you can come up with have variations or your name may already be taken. Don’t let this discourage you, be creative, do some research, it is as easy as going to your favorite search engine and start typing in possible names.
Just a note, when your just searching for possible names in a search engine, no need to add the .com, .org, .net or any such suffix to start with. Just look for names and see how many times they show up. A good place to see how the name your wanting ranks, is Google Adwords (which is free to search with) and Market Samurai (a paid search tool specific for looking up good names for marketing purposes)

Next You will want to go to a Domain Registrar, we personally recommend ,  GreenGeeks ,but there are others such as;, and more. There you can type in your name and a preferred suffix and it will tell you if it is available. The most common are .COM and .NET, if you are an Organization then you will want a .ORG, each suffix is somewhat self explanatory and easy to understand, there are lots of new suffixes out there so find one that suits your business or site.

Now you have your domain name all sorted out the next step is finding a hosting service that is reliable and cost effective. So many companies out there to choose from, and if you are like us, you have already begun your search. This can be exhausting, so many options and prices ranging from $4.00 to $400.00 and up. There is shared hosting, dedicated hosting, server rental, the search and the headaches can go on and on. When you are done, you are still where you started trying to find a hosting company that is right for you. Again this is no time to get discouraged, I am going to make this simple and easy for you.

First we recommend again, GreenGeeks , after years of hosting websites for ourselves and others we discovered this jewel of a company, they are all about a Greener World and back it up in their services and use of products. However there are many companies that rate high among Web Hosting Companies. Take the time to search out the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies, you can do that by searching that same phrase, let your intelligence guide your choice, but don’t be fooled by promises; statistics and Customer reviews normally tell the story. So read the Customer reviews of Web Hosting companies and choose for yourself.

Many offer everything from email services to eCommerce options, for starting your first web, you will want to look into hosting companies with WordPress, it is one of the easiest and most supported Web Building Software, Made for the beginner to design sites using easily editable Themes. However WordPress is not the only option, there are many softwares that are specifically designed for Web Development, Dreamweaver being a professional choice if you are crafty with coding and will to spend the time learning. Another option is finding a professional to help you work or to manage this for you.
There are many companies out there just like us, who design websites, graphics and WordPress sites, that are more than happy to help you come up with a beautiful and easy to use site at an affordable cost.

In part 2 of our series, we are going to discuss how to go about Designing and Developing your web idea, the do’s and don’t s of web design and how to get the most of your design for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.

slider1_image_33Sooner or later you are going to have to market your business or your client’s. Here are some effective and mostly free tools to help you do that.

Press Release Sites-

All of these sites allow free PR submissions. Some of them also offer an upgrade package for a small fee. This upgrade usually includes more distribution and a higher visibility. If you send out several PRs for your client or you are planning to use PRs as a way to market your business, you may want to look into getting a paid subscription.

MC9004325561One of the challenging parts of being a VA is keeping up with all of the tools and technologies of the field. Each type of client has different needs and tools that they will need you to know to assist them with them business.

Below are a list of common basic software that you should consider when starting you VA business.

File sharing software-

  • Drop Box– 2 GB of space 1 user- Dropbox is a free cloud file storage. They also have a few paid versions depending on the amount of storage you need. The alternative is
  • Box.Net Free for up to 50 GB of Storage 1 user only- This is a great alternative to dropbox and works the same way.
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