slider1_image_sm“I am a Graphics Designer.” The words of so many who have picked up a copy of Photoshop, Corel, or Free software like Gimp or even Microsoft Paint. It is easy for many to think they are because they have edited an image or two, maybe touched up a family photo, however being a Graphic Designer Professionally takes time, training, experience and most of all an understanding what a Graphic Designer is.

So what is a Graphic Design really?

Graphic Design is the presentation and communication of Artistic imagery that conveys an idea, tells a story and puts together, text, images to communicate a specific message.

What is a Graphics Designer really?

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Many times we have wanted to post some content on our fan page on the popular social network Facebook. In this article you will read a number of tips to upload a link to the Facebook fan page.

On several occasions I observed a number of errors when publishing content:

  •   Exposed links – They are very long and cover too much space. Shorten the links using one of several URL shortening services.
  •  Absence of Corporate Brand in the title of content – Links should be personalized in line with the corporate brand or, alternatively, you can place the Hashtag Corporate.
  •  Absent content description – This should be brief and give an idea of the topic of the content that is being published.

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If you are a successful coach making close to six figures, an Online Business Manager may be just the additional help you need.

Your Coaching Assistants understands how easy it is to lose sleep worrying about all the moving parts of your business. We also understand that when coaches are reaching the six-figure mark, their business begins to run them instead of them running the business.

Having an OBM allows you to

  • Wake up tomorrow knowing that all of the day-to-day worries of the business are taken care of and running smoothly
  • Focus on the parts of the business that you love, and let go of all the rest
  • Take a vacation, and time off,  and know that your business will still be there, running at full steam.


This is not a  dream!

Hiring an Online Business Manager is the next step.


What can an Online Business Manager do for Me?

We are fully trained to support you and your company in the following areas:

  • Managing daily projects
  • Managing ezines and website promotions
  • Managing product launches
  • Helping with creation and promotion of new products
  • Managing and assisting in planning social media campaigns
  • Measuring social media effectiveness
  • Measuring website presence and product promotions
  • Supervising your team to ensure a successful operation
  • Assisting with Product Launches and Virtual Events
  • Assisting with finding Joint Venture partners
  • Plus much more!


 “Wow, I’d Love THAT!  But, is it going to cost me a fortune?”

First of all… this is more affordable than you think!

Most OBM’s DO charge a fortune AND take a percentage of your profits.  That is NOT what we do.

We actually have set up our business so that we pay for ourselves and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

When you hire us, you immediately begin to make more money – and since we don’t take a percentage – you get to keep that money!

The next step is to schedule a complimentary consultation, and we’ll share with you EXACTLY how we can help you.