tg_logo_bigVideo Marketing is a very powerful marketing platform for increasing leads and sales. Video is the only medium that communicates emotion. Therefore, it gives you the ability to leverage on the enthusiasm of your customers and staff as no other form of marketing is better at capturing attention than video.

It also introduces your company or business in a very irresistibly entertaining and compelling way. While it takes many touch points before one can achieve a sale, video marketing works to reduce the hustle and bustle of marketing, increasing conversions and sales at much reduced costs.

Videos build very engaging and memorable connections to your business or company brand. Research shows that video messaging is several hundred times more engaging that plain text only. It is proposed that companies can offer both video and text for the targeted audience to decide which suits them best.

However, for High Return on Investment businesses, video is the preferable way to go. This is because people prefer to watch rather than read long prose. With video, you can turn your static text sales pages to engaging pieces of video content. Some decent video marketing software can easily catapult your business to the next level.

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Marketing is one of the most important strategies in business because it introduces the business and its products to the consumers. Video marketing has the ability to take a business to another level as long as the business owner is ready to devote their time and resources. Today, most people are interested in video representation of information as opposed to the traditional text or audio.

With that said, anyone interested in effectively marketing their business should be ready and willing to use all the available resources to propel their businesses forward. It is important to understand video marketing well to get the optimum results. Here are highly effective video marketing tricks to assist you in succeeding.

Good Titles for your videos.

The power of a good title should not be overlooked in the distribution of online videos. Viewers are drawn by powerful and relevant titles which is why you should spend time in creating a title that will attract your target viewers. Keep in mind that the title should represent the content of the video. This means that it should not underrate the video or create a perception of something else.

Always remember that the title will pay a major role in determining the type of people who will be watching the video and taking the necessary action. A misleading title can attract a lot of viewers who will be disappointed in the video and will leave immediately. It is better to have a few viewers who are interested in what you have to offer than a huge useless traffic.

Be Original when coming up with content

People have seen quite a lot of things on videos and to get more attention, you will have to be unique and original. Instead of copying what most of the other people are doing, do your own research and put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. This will help you not only in creating something original, but in attracting the attention of the viewers.

Have A Marketing Strategy

It is crucial that you understand that making the video is just the first step. You will need to take the video where your viewers are and this calls for an effective marketing strategy. It is true that the video will be marketing your business but you will also need to market the video so that it can deliver positive results.

You should use all the necessary resources to ensure that as many viewers as possible are viewing the content. Embed the video on your business website and use social media to push the video to a wider audience. The more relevant viewers you get the more people you will have interested in your business and its products.

Have Goals

When you are creating a video to market your business, you should have goals. This is what you want the video to do for your business, do you want people to click on a link, visit a web site, take part in a survey, or like a social media page? Having well defined goals will assist you in achieving them by setting the marketing strategy properly.

It is possible to have a viral video which is useless because you have not given the viewers a way forward after they watch the video. Make sure you lay out everything in a funnel strategy where all efforts are focused on leading the audience to a particular direction that leads to more sales.

Be Consistent

People are always searching for fresh interesting content online and to succeed in video marketing, you should be consistent in positing new content. You also need to ensure that your new content is not only driven by quantity but also by quality. This means that you should be consistent in posting new content and also in keeping everything interesting to the viewers.

You Don’t Need A Fortune

Marketing does not have to be expensive. This also applies to all its strategies such as video marketing. You do not have to go all the way and get professionals to do the videos. Though quality is important, it is not a must that you break your bank account. Focus on high quality videos that are simple to cut down on the cost of the entire process.

Video 1Videos have taken content marketing by storm. The power of video making for small businesses is far greater than what any other medium holds. Marketing via video has increasingly become very popular since it is far reaching and has yielded very good results in many marketing campaigns.

Future statistics and expectations.

According statistics carried out by Cisco, Video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. This means that Video-on-demand traffic will have trebled by that time. This is a fine indicator of its rapid growth.

Online video is becoming a very popular means for people to quench their thirst for information and entertainment. Small businesses that may fail to include it as an important element in their internet marketing strategies will most probably be phased out of the market very soon.

Various studies have shown that more than half of the companies in operation today are already employing this medium. A figure that can only predict the endless possibilities this type of marketing holds.

Nielsen Media Research claims that 64% of all marketers are expecting video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Human behavior when it comes to video.

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You have perhaps seen a very interesting or even funny video on the web. You may have even wondered how the creators of such videos cash in from their work. Can you really make money with videos?

You will get surprised to find out how much money people are making from such videos. The following are some of the most effective ways to get the most out of your creativity.

Using YouTube

You can get a share of revenue from YouTube. Every month, over a billion people are visiting YouTube. The channel is making over 4 billion dollars every year through advertisements.

It is possible for you to get a share of this revenue by uploading your videos to this channel. To enable you do that, you will need to sign up with Google as a YouTube partner.

After signing up, you will then proceed to create interesting videos and upload them to the YouTube channel giving them a short description. Some adverts will be placed next to your video depending on your type of audience.

Whenever someone clicks on the advert before or after watching your video, a certain portion of revenue is credited to your account. The amount may be very small but it can build up to a good amount if a big number of people watch your video.

It therefore boils down to how many people will watch the video. To make your video go viral, you need to be creative and target the right audience. You also have to give it a very catchy description and ensure its presence in social media.

Apart from YouTube, you could also sign up with other revenue sharing sites such as Revver, Blip.TV, Google video, and many others.

Affiliate Marketing

It is also possible to make a kill with your videos using affiliate marketing. To start off, sign up with an affiliate marketing program where you can earn some money by referrals facilitated by placing affiliate links next to your videos.

You could create a webpage and upload your videos to the page. When people visit your site, some of them will click on the affiliate links after watching the video. You can then earn a proportion of revenue made through that link

Creating Google video websites 

Create a website for a specific niche that you are interested in and embed Google videos that are related to your niche. You can then monetize your videos by using Google Ad Sense or using other related links.

Selling your videos

There are a number of sites that are willing to buy your videos to stock them in their site. They must however be quality and professional videos that other people would want to use in their websites.

A good example of such a site is In addition to buying your videos, they also pay you for inviting other people to upload videos in their website.

Get sponsors for your videos

If you can create professional and interesting videos that are appealing to a certain audience, then you can get some advertisers willing to sponsor them. You can then give them an opportunity to advertise during or after the video.

You could also promote their services and earn some commission by making a call to action after your videos.

Using Videos to support your own business

It is also profitable to use videos to promote your own products. This can increase sales by converting viewers into potential customers. Create a video that will interest a certain audience and advertise your products using it.

Create videos to advertise local businesses

Form a partnership with local businesses in your area and create some videos to market their products. This can be effective if you choose a specific line of business and create something that interests potential customers in that niche.

It is therefore evident that you can really make money using videos. However, not everybody will succeed in this field. You have to devise an effective strategy that will make your work stand out from the rest.

Choose one or a combination of techniques that you believe will work best for you. Do not expect to become a billionaire overnight but remain consistent and you will get income streaming in faster than you expect.

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If you market your business with videos, are you using Google+ Hangouts as well? If not, this is something that you should really consider adding to your
marketing strategies.

Google+ Hangout is an easy way to hold an online meeting or product demonstration with up to 9 attendees. You can still invite others to watch your live event, so you can technically have an unlimited audience.

As you are already aware, video marketing is huge and a great way to get tons of traffic to your sites. Google now owns YouTube which is why using Google+ Hangouts is a no brainer. Plus the benefit of a Hangout is that once your video is finished it is automatically uploaded to your YouTube account.

The only requirements to use a Google+ Hangout is that you need to have a Google account and email. If you do any type of online marketing you will have these in place already.

When it comes to using Hangouts you need to know that you don’t have to present an “On Air” broadcast. While this is a very popular option, it may not suit your business needs or marketing plan.

It is also possible to set up one on one sessions as well. These would be good for coaching type calls, interviews and for talking with clients privately. This private option can be used for many types of calls and discussions that you don’t necessarily want to broadcast to the world. Once your video is uploaded to YouTube you can make it private or unlisted. This way only people with the link can view the video.

Using Google+ Hangouts is a great way to make a variety of business videos including: marketing ones, product reviews, tutorials and how to type videos. The automatic uploading to YouTube can save you time and allows you to easily create a channel with lots of videos.

Remember that videos rank well on all the major search engines, especially Google. So why not keep in their good books and incorporate Google+ Hangouts into your video marketing methods?

Running a business and incorporating online strategies makes good business sense. As a marketer it is always important to stay abreast and use all the current marketing trends as much as possible. Don’t get left behind, position your business as a forerunner when it comes to marketing using Google+ Hangouts.

Google hangWhile you may have heard of Google+ Hangouts, you may not be exactly sure of just what they are and how they work. This article will give you a basic understanding of what a Hangout is and how you can use them in your personal life, or incorporate them into your business practices.

Quick Definition of a Google+ Hangout
The best way to describe a Hangout is that it is a video chat software which is linked directly with your Google+ account. When you participate in a Hangout you can invite up to nine other friends or associates to join in onyour chat. While in the chat mode you can share documents and even watch YouTube videos together.

Why Use a Hangout?
Now that you understand what a Hangout is, why would you want to use it? Well, first of all it is a fun way to chat with your friends and family online. You can all get together and have a wonderful chat, watch a family video or just catch up. This is perfect for anyone who is away from their family and much better than sending an email. You can talk face to face regardless of your location.

For a business owner running a Google+ Hangout is a great way to get up close and personal with your customers. You can hold your own weekly business show, run customer service or offer how to tutorials for your products. Many people prefer to watch a presentation than trying to read an instruction manual!

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As you are aware Google just loves to keep updating their products. Gmail for example has undergone some new updates lately with the addition of tabs and new features to their calendar settings.

It is now possible to access Google+ Hangouts directly from within your Gmail account. You may notice that in the previous chat sidebar you now have the option to start a Hangout. If this feature isn’t activated, just go into your settings to activate it, click your photo in the top right hand corner.

Once the Hangout feature is activated you an easily start a video chat or text chat with your friends or business associates. It is a fantastic way to stay in touch or just to connect with someone to ask a question.

This new feature is extremely convenient and quick to use and you don’t have to physically go into your Google+ account to start your Hangouts. You can easily invite any of your Gmail contacts to a Hangout.

The first time you use the Google+ Hangout feature you will have to install a quick plug-in. It literally just takes a minute or two to install. Then you will be set up and ready to record your Hangout.

As with anything new you may want to attempt a Hangout privately first. This way you can learn where the controls are and how to do fun things such as putting silly hats on people! Plus you can share videos and photos during your Hangout as well.

If you want to chat using any of your Apple devices you just need to download an App to do this. Get your friends to download it as well and then you can all Hangout together, regardless of which device you are using.

There are two types of Hangouts that are available , the video Hangout and the text Hangout. The main difference of course is the video aspect, but there is also a difference in how many people can participate.

At the current time you can invite up to 9 people to join in a video Hangout. Whereas for a text Hangout you can invite up to 100 people! If you broadcast your video Hangout live you can invite people to watch but they cannot actively join in the discussion.

Accessing Hangouts via your Gmail account is a fairly new feature from Google. We are sure that they will find ways to improve not just their Hangouts but other features inside your Google account in the near future. So be sure to stay up to date and connected with new developments as they happen.

Google PlusQuite often when people reflect on their search engine rankings they do not think of Google Plus. The truth is that these activities are not worlds apart.  If you are really attempting to increasing their website traffic and brand awareness, there are some definite Google Plus preparations you must complete in order to follow through your goals.

This article will examine the voyage that will lead to using Google Plus fruitfully and will serve as a guide to prepare you for the success it can being you in the rankings.  There are a handful of things one should prepare before trying to utilize Google Plus.  However before using Google Plus, you first should evaluate and make certain that utilizing it is right for you.

The following are some tips on to get you on your way:

1 – Beating your competitors in the rankings game.

Beating your competitors in the rankings game is one of the biggest advantages Google Plus can give you. Many companies are still not using this social media channel as a means to communicate with their audience.

2 – You should use Google Plus more than Facebook

One of the greatest advantages to using Google Plus over Facebook is speed. Google will immediately index all of your posts in Google Plus. Facebook posts and other social media posts can take up to 30 days for the full index to complete. 

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59ba2ebf-ec8d-338a-a7ed-d93e92f1264fIn the last post we talked about what the more popular social networking sites have to offer. In this issue we are going to talk about how to make the most out of any social network you decide to join.

Are you a member of an online social networking site?

With their extreme popularity there is a good chance that you are like the billions of other people across the globe who are a member of at least one if not more than social networking sites. After all they’re extremely hard to resist.

However, it is one thing to be a member and another to actually participate in online discussions taking place every day. When it comes to making the most out of your social network experience, participation is key.

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Advertising For your Coaching Program

 There are several equally important steps, involved in getting the coaching program completed and ready for the client’s eventual perusal and purchase. One of these would include the ideal advertising tool to be used for the purpose of getting the attention of the target audience as efficiently and as widely as possible. Making the masses aware of the existence of the coaching program, will be the next challenge after putting the program together.

The following are some points to consider when making the decision to advertise the coaching program:

  •  There are many options to choose from when it comes to advertising the coaching program; however some consideration should be directed to the ideal media tool the target audience would normally be using. Being able to identify this would give the individual a good opportunity to use only the advertising platforms that would give the best exposure to the coaching programs.
  • The advertising mode used should also able to get the relevant information to the end target audience without too much hassle and the need to incur high costs. There are a lot of ways to use the advertising tool without breaking the bank and this is most evident with the use of internet as a great advertising platform. Considering this platform as the ideal way to reach an infinite target audience is something worth exploring.
  • Apart from focusing on the content and the choice of the advertising tool, some further exploration should be done to choose affiliations and other links that would also help to further the cause for reaching the target audience successfully. Considering joint venture with others, who are already well established, would be an advantageous addition to the advertising campaign as this would further add to the credibility element of the coaching program.

 Increase Exposure With Press Release

The success of any endeavor today is very much based on the amount of attention given to attracting the target audience in an efficient and suitable way. Without the exposure element, very little percentages of the target audience will be aware of the existence of the service or product being offered, and therefore not be part of the buying engine that dictates the revenue earning success.

One of the more popular ways to effectively reach the target audience today would be through using the press release platform. This platform has been noted for its success in being able to reach the target audience and others broadly and efficiently.

The following are some tips of things to focus on when considering a press release as the ideal way to reach the target audience:

  • Using the appropriate media platform for the press release is very important to the overall success of reaching the target audience. The mode chosen should be in line with the current focus of the target audience so that there is no possibility of overlooking the main audience with the choice made. Time and effort should be taken to identify the suitable media style for the press release to direct the attention of the niche target while ensuring maximum results.
  •  When it comes to actually designing the content for the press release, taking the time to understand the prospects needs and wants and using this as a guideline for the content, would be better that just “bragging” about the product in the press release. Being able to target the issues the prospect may be looking to solve, with the probable use of the product or service being featured in the press release, would definitely get the attention of the prospect to venture further seeking more information.

Want read more on selling your coaching program? Fill out the request form to receive the full copy of our eBook.   Looking for more ideas to sell your coaching program, we can help. Schedule your free call today.