When it comes to earning, virtual assistants have the upper hand. They know which clients to get, when to get them and the amount of money they want to charge for their services. Because of this, virtual assistants have the best of both worlds – freedom with their work and flexibility with their time. Not all professionals get to enjoy this, but there are also some items that VAs do not get to enjoy versus their full time 9 to 5 counterparts.

As much as saving is a great financial strategy for VAs (rainy days are really rainy for people who do not depend on a regular monthly salary), there are items that they should actually spend on as to not be left behind in the market and keep up with their hired peers:

  1. Personal development

There is a tendency to become complacent when it comes to personal development when you are home, when you have mastered the craft you have been doing for years and you have a set of clients that provides good cash flow. It’s truly a comfortable life that anyone can be happy to lead for a long time.

But today, life is different. Professionals need to keep up with the changing times and improving technologies to ensure that they are able to meet the demands of an even more demanding market. Spending on seminars that tackle industry-specific topics are good but being up to speed with learnings on social media, mobile marketing, app development & programming, as well as operational and efficiency are fields that any VA can dip into to generate more income for themselves.

They can also spend on books on business development and even fiction books to widen their vocabulary and further improve their writing prowess. Communication skills will always come in handy and is forever a minimum requirement for any job of any industry.

  1. Personal downtime

No amount of money can replace the joy that comes with a restful sleep every night. And this only happens when a person carves the right amount of hours for rest or even weeks for a proper vacation. Apart from reading, nothing widens one’s horizons mentally, physically, and emotionally than travelling.

Travel pushes one literally out of the box and being exposed to several cultures ensures that one is opened to several ideas other than his or her own.

Creativity-wise, travel is like a fairy that sprays pixie dust on anyone. So VAs will not be in the losing end of a delicious, uplifting, and eye opening trip to a museum, restaurant, or park that’s found several miles and oceans away from their desk.

  1. Better gadgets

It may cost more money than usual but being committed to upgrading gadgets such as laptops and phones provides any VA the advantage over competition. Investing in these for VAs is a surefire path to investing in efficiency. Being more efficient then leads to getting more clients as the turnaround of projects is faster and better than the last.

And all that spent money only leads to one thing: earning much more!


We work with many Coaches that are launching events, programs or webinars.  This post is designed to give tips to those wanting to carry out a winning event launch.

Plan Ahead: There is nothing more important that a clear plan. It is important that you have on a calendar all of the stage activities for your pre-launch, launch and post launch.  Make sure you give adequate time to have all of the tasks complete and most importantly have time to test everything BEFORE the launch. Make sure you have a circle of friends or sub-contractors that you test everything for you and make sure all of the browsers are working as well as the mobile devices.

Task Assignment: Now that you have a plan, it is time to assign out the tasks. Have a team meeting and go over the plan with everyone. Make sure everyone is on the same page and they clearly know who is doing what part of the launch. Also make sure you have a BACK UP person in place. This is often forgotten and can cause great stress during a launch. Avoid the headache and have each team member know who their back up will be.

Task Tracking: All the tasks are now assigned, but how are you going to know if the work is done? A project manager or even a simple shared excel spreadsheet is perfect for this. If you are using a project manager, have someone enter all of the tasks and assign them to the appropriate people. These people will mark the tasks complete as they finish them. Reminders as well as late notices will be emailed on a daily basis. This allow you to quickly view what is done and what is pending. Also notes can be made if a team member is waiting on material or another team member to finish. Team Meetings can also be helpful when the team is behind or not progressing the way you were hoping. If you are using an Excel sheet- make sure there is a place to add notes for the team members should the require something or are having an issue.  If may also be helpful to have 1 person assigned to check the progress and report to you what is happening on the work.

Testing: Make sure you have a circle of friends or sub-contractors that can test everything for you and make sure all of the browsers are working as well as the mobile devices.  Set up discount codes so that purchases can be made to test the cart. Make sure you bump delay email times to 1 day or 1 hour so that the series can run in its entirety before it goes live. Proofread everything 1 more time. All are the colors right? Themes right? Cart theme right? Tags Applied? Emails Sent? Website seen on Firefox? Chrome? Safari? Explorer? IPad? IPhone? Android? If there is an error- fix and restart the test on the failed item. We suggest giving yourself at least 1 week to test everything.

Promotion: Testing complete and working? Great! Now you are ready to being the hard part- promotion. Now is the time you want to look at the different ways you want to promote. Make sure you give at least 2 weeks’ notice for your social media promotion and 1 Week minimum for Facebook ads. You should try to send to your list at least 2 times. If you are setting up affiliates, make sure you have given them adequate time to promote your event as well.  Also remember to make sure you have all of the materials available for them to promote your event (solo email copy, Facebook posts, hashtags, Tweets, banners, price, and anything else they will need)

Analyzing and Tweaking- Make sure you spend time analyzing your Facebook Ad numbers, Google Analytics numbers and Sales numbers.  Make sure that you leave time to be able to make tweaks and reanalyze your results.  This will give you a much more successful event.

Follow up– Sending out reminders, replay links and sales information after the event is vital. Make sure that you plan on at least 3 touch follow up emails after any launch or event. Make sure you add some personal messages as well. It is important that people are buying YOU! Make sure they know why.

Final Review– now that everything is done- go over the numbers one more time. Hold a team meeting. Did you meet your goal? If yes, do you know why? If not, why not? What worked and what did not? Who on your team made a difference? What changes can be made to make the next event better? Spend time with the team and find out their thoughts and opinions.

Ask for the Testimonial- This is the most important thing. Make sure you have scheduled in the future to ask all buyers (or even attendees) for their testimonial. Try to ask for a photo or better yet, try to get them on video. Video is a great way of proving the testimonial is the real thing.

We hope these tips will help you in the future with your next event launch. If you are looking for more ideas, help, or just have a few questions, we are here to help. Have a great weekend!