I was just listening to my moms talk the other day about loyalty and trust, and that got me to thinking. Do I have loyalty? Have I built up a trust factor with all those in my life?  Do they know they can count on me to always have their back and stand beside them even if it is not always the best thing for me?

And if so, can I count on the same thing from them?

Have I taken the time to show them that I am thankful to them for standing with me and allowing me to stand with them? After a little pondering on this thought, (of course after my nap, because you know I always think better on a rested brain) I came to the conclusion that I do have those loyalty relationships with my family. As a token of my appreciation, I even took one of my many bones and gave it to my sister (now just so you know this was a big deal for me). And I gave extra snuggles to my humans.

Now take a second a think, do you have this in your life or business? And if so, how do you show those people that you appreciate them. In life it is the little gestures that mean the most. I am not saying give up your bones, but I am sure you can think of something.

Now in your business there are many ways to show your gratitude for the loyalty your clients or customers show you, take the Hilton for instance they reward you with points that you can use for free stays. In today’s world, there are many companies that know the importance of showing your gratitude for loyalty offer something like this to their customers.

Even my moms do this. They show their loyal clients the appreciation for the continued working relationship and loyalty but giving a yearly credit of free hours of work. Now they do this on a sliding type scale to be fair. The longer the client has been with them, the more free hours they receive.

Now this may not be right for you or your business, but you should think about showing your loyal clients some love. And it should go without saying that this should be practiced in your personal life.

I think it is time for me to get my afternoon brushing, this is one way my moms show that they are grateful for my love and loyalty to them.

Till next week. Emmy


Okay so let’s talk, I mean really have a chat. I have been watching people and learning a lot of those in my life (and just so you know people watching is a thing I like to share with my grandfather when he is home). And I have come to the conclusion that people try to be something they are not in life. They will either do this or that to impress others or to make others happy. They pretend to like something or be comfortable in a situation that they truly are not, or they just are not true to themselves. Or some even pretend they are happy in their personal or business life and except things that are not good for them, I call this: I am a door mat.

Now I know we are all guilty of this, even me.  I know it is hard to believe, but I have been known to act a different way to impress. But in the end either you become unhappy or the truth comes out and everyone loses.

I have found out that you need to be you in both life and business, if you spend the whole time trying to be what you think that somebody wants or needs, then you truly have no time for you to shine in what you do and who you are. You cannot please everyone in this life. The best you can do is be you and highlight your talents and gifts. Be kind and considerate and hope the others in your life will do so also.

Your challenge for this week is to be you and share all who you are with those in your life or business. Share your assets and stop letting those close to you dictate how you should feel, what you should do or what you should have to accept to make them happy. And if you are the door mat stop that, if they need a door mat they sell them at Walmart.

Till next week. Emmy

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I have been doing some thinking of my old neighborhood and city. I lived there for a long time and made some friends, but since my family as moved I do not get to see them. And let’s face it I am not one for long phone conversations, I mean that would really cut into “all that is me” time. I am sure you know what I am talking about, you either are looking for a different way to share things with either your friends and family or maybe even your clients or target audience ( not sure what this means but my moms say it is important).

Well let me share an idea with you that either you might be using but not taking full advantage of or maybe one that you have not even started to use but should be. Social Media it is a great way to share your message with your audience or clients or reconnect and stay in touch with those in your life.

Now there are many channels to choose from and they will not all be for you, and let’s be honest you cannot do it all (even I have to admit that to myself). You will need to take a little time and choose which ones will work for you to either communicate with your loved ones or share with your clients and target audience, But a few of the more popular ones to check out are:

Facebook – You can post text and images as well as run ads targeted to your community. You can even do Live Video streaming now. For those of you who would like to visit my page: Click here.

Twitter- You can post messages, videos and images (please be aware they limited you to 140 charters total that includes links and images).

LinkedIn – You can post Text and images and share your weekly blog, be aware this platform is very business related.

Pinterest – You can create boards and pin images with a descriptions, this is a very visual platform and very popular with women (I know this because my moms are women).

Instagram – Allows you to snap a photo with your phone or pad and upload and share.

Now all of the above except LinkedIn allow you to use Hashtags, which will allow your post to show up if somebody searches for a certain thing or topic. You can also create company pages to use in your business marketing.

That is just a few for you to look into. I myself use Facebook so I can post photos and share as much as I like with my people (my people sounds so cool).

I know it seems a little scary to get this going but trust me once you get it down it can be a lot of fun and very informative to you and those you share with.

That is all for this week, I need to go and watch the vacuum, my feathered brothers and sisters do not like it so I watch to make sure it does not scare them too much, a big brothers work is never done.

Till next week. Emmy

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Till next week. Emmy

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I know some of you are thinking how boring, doing the same things over and over daily. And for certain things I would have to agree, but not for all things, sheesh let me tell you. In our house we have my feathered brother and sisters, I think I have spoken to you about them before.

And in this bunch of little people as my mom calls them are my green brothers ( who think they run the place, but they do not but I do let them think that and as my mom says what they do not know will not hurt them, but let’s save this for another conversation.) Okay so back to the subject at hand, the greenie babies have to be in bed by 7:30 at night not a minute later, if they have to wait they are unhappy and boy do they let you know it. So our house has a birdie bedtime. But if I am being honest I have a bedtime I like to be in bed by 8PM, now I get unhappy if I have to wait for bed but not as upset as some.

This is one is one of the routines that is followed in our house and it works for us.

Another routine in our house is I like to have my breakfast by no later than 9 AM, I have learned to wait until this time because on the weekends my moms like to relax a little and since they work hard to make sure I am happy and taken care of I figure it is the least I can do.

We have more routines in our home but I think you get the point of this and maybe even where I am going with it.

Routines may sound boring and tedious but sometimes creating and following a routine will make things run smoothly and get done quickly, efficiently and correct the first time around. Now I am not saying it will always be that way. But think of it this way if you do something in your business and or your life the same way every day, then you will find that you do it without thinking.

Now think about how you can use this in your life or business daily:

Do you have tasks that must be completed in your business or for a client daily? If so do you do them at the same time and same way every day? If you answered yes to both, then that is a routine.

Got you thinking huh? Routines are not always boring and can turn out to be helpful to accomplish things in your daily life.

This is where I leave you, it is my time to visit all my humans (it is part of my routine.)

Till next week. Emmy

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Okay, so today let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects, for those of you who have been reading my thoughts or know me, this is not a big surprise for you. I love to have fun and enjoy my life. I mean I have a pretty great life. And I have learned to come to appreciate the idea of having fun and enjoying what you have been blessed with.

Do you make time to have fun?

Do you have time to do to enjoy the things you work for?

Do you laugh in your life?

I am hoping that you answered yes to all of those questions but if not, please keep reading this message is all about what you need to do be able to answer yes to those questions.

I know you work hard and I am sure you enjoy your business and clients but if you do not take time to have fun and enjoy your life, then you are not truly able to give you best to anything you touch or create. I mean if life was meant to be serious all the time then comedy and laughter and smiles and happiness would not even be things we knew existed, right?

I am not saying change everything in your life but what I am saying is take some time to enjoy your life and have fun, as we all know you only get one. So make the most out of your time in this world, I know I am.

You might just find that you enjoy all aspects of your life better work and personal. And that you are more productive and less stressed at work and at home.

So I am prescribing to you to take time and do something fun for yourself and maybe even share it with those you love. (Wow, could you see me as a doctor…I would so rock that.)

Speaking of fun it think it might be butt scratches and treats time for me.

Till next week. Emmy

I know I took a couple of weeks off, hey I needed a break. But now I am back and I know you missed me.

Everyone is getting ready to show that special woman in your life how much she means to you, whether she be your mom or the mother of your children. You want to share the love you have for her on this special day. Now my only issue with this is you should do this every day, I mean you should not have to have a special day to show those you love or care about what they mean to you. Life is short and if ended tomorrow did they know? The person in your life that no matter what had your back and was there in the good and the bad times, did they know? Or did you sometimes take advantage that they would just always understand and be there?

Well enough of that, I have some really great humans and my moms are the best in the world. They cook for me and make sure I am a happy and healthy guy. And every day they show me how much they love me.

So I decided this week I would share some of the things they have taught me, since between you and I they are also pretty smart. I hope that you can take something away from this and even share it with those you care about, or even your mom on her special day.

  1. Always treat those as you would like to be treated. This means if you are not nice to somebody do not expect them to be nice to you or continue to do so if they are nice to you now.
  2. Always be fair. This could be used in many ways: Be fair in game playing, do not cheat to win. Be fair in life do not make everything about you, Be fair when working make sure to pull your own weight ( now I of course do not have this issue but in business make sure you would not ask somebody to do something you would not do and do not ask them to do more than you.)
  3. Always Share. I learned that sharing can be the easiest thing in the world and the quickest way to get a smile. (Yes, I share with my sister.)
  4. Show love. I think I explained what this means in the beginning of my thoughts today.
  5. Be considerate. Do not just think about yourself take the time and energy to consider those in your life and show them this, it could be as simple as asking them if they would like a drink. (When I do this for my sister I always get rewarded with a Doggie smile.)
  6. Be helpful and kind. ( I think you all know this without too much explanation) But do you practice it? If not you should.

Those are just a few of the many things I have learned from my moms, now my life did not start out great, but I was a lucky one. The day my moms  found me was the best one in my life. So make sure to show your mom how much she means to you on her special day, but more importantly show her and all the others you care about ( friends, family, clients, etc.) that they are special everyday as well.

if you want to share some special time with your pet children how about cooking them this it is one of my favorites!

So if you are like me you have a certain way of doing things or like things to be handled or completed in a certain way to get the results you are hoping to achieve, NO? In my case my humans have to cook for me (I think it is because I am king and all, they say it is because I have too many allergies) and I like it done a certain way. So to make sure that the food they make for me and my sister is good EVERY time we have a set of steps that my humans follow. Now in the human life, this is called a recipe. But did you know that you can use the same principle in your business? At least that is what my moms say.

In business these are called SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and these can help to make sure that a task that you perform daily for your clients or in your own business are completed to the standards that are expected. These can also be helpful when you need to add a team member or VA to take over that tasks. This is great even when you go on vacation and another needs to take over these tasks in your absence.

So let me tell you how this works for me, my humans also like to go on vacations.  When they do, I never get to go. So they have nice people come in and take care of me, my sister and all my feathered brothers and sisters (my mom says they are my brothers and sisters because we were all adopted by them). Anyway we have an SOP of sorts that tells whoever is in charge of us how we eat, when we eat, when to give treats, when to go play and all that jazz. With this SOP, each time they leave on vacation, they can rest easy knowing that it is all running smooth and there are no mistakes or unanswered questions.

I know it seems like a lot of work, but if you do a little at a time you will be surprised how quickly these steps and be created and documented. We all know a little time spent now can save a lot time correcting mistakes and redoing things.

Till next week. Emmy




Everyone Human or Animal is told this by their mom over and over as they are younger. The story goes if you treat people they way you should and the proper way, then they will in turn do the same. Now that all sounds good but you and I both know this is not always the case.

Here are a couple of examples from my life, which I think can be thought about and applied to your life and business practices as well.

My sister is a lot older than me and I know this so I try to make sure to look out for her and treat her with love and respect, I mean she is my sister and all. And most of the time she will return the love and respect, you noticed I said most of the time right? But then there are those times when she forgets, especially at night in bed, I will stretch out and bump her and she will growl at me like I did it on purpose.

Now if you noticed in that example, even though I treated her with love, respect and kindness she forgot to return the favor. I am sure this has happened to you in your day to day life or business at some point. Or maybe you have even be guilty of it yourself, losing your patience with a client who normally you would love to work with or for. Or in your own life you forget to show the respect and love that is shown to you. Just so you know these things are a two way street.

Now on the other hand my human parents, they love and take care of me always. I treat them well and show them respect and love and they do the same for me. I buy treats (you know they go and buy them, I mean seriously I am the king I do not have to work or do such things) and the people in the pet store are always welcoming and helpful to my humans which is the basis of any good relationship.

So I guess what I am trying to say here is in both life and business, you get what you put into it, if you show respect and love and are helpful to the people in your everyday life, hopefully they will do the same. And when it comes to your business make sure to show your customers respect and patience and that they are valued in your business.

Stepping down from my soapbox now because I am hoping my humans will value me enough to give up a Beggin strip, I mean you cannot beat bacon.

Till next week.Emmy

I am sure most everyone knows what out of bounds means or at the very least have heard the expression. But have you actually thought about what this means to you in your business and life?

I mean take me for instance, I used to be so easy going that I never created boundaries. But then one day I had a bone my humans had just cooked special for me, and the trash truck came by. Naturally,  I had leave my bone to take care of the barking at them. After all, I did not they would think I was mad at them and not being social. So when I came back to get my bone there was my little sister Tuesday smiling as she chomped away on it.

Another example is the squirrels have the nerve to enter my garden area without asking for permission. Imagine that! I have to go out there every day and explain to them that this is private property and they need to ask for permission to come in.  Some animals just have a lot of nerve and no respect for other animal’s territory.

After these and many more examples, I decided to stop and think about what I would consider unacceptable in the way of my personal things and life. And I set up boundaries. I wasn’t that I do not love my sister or family, but I have to take care of me too, remember self-care? (see last week’s post here)

Think about it….

Do you have boundaries in your life?

Do you have boundaries in your business?

If not, take it from me: you need them. Even my humans had to set up some in their business. They used to take calls from clients all day and night and even on holidays and weekends. Finally, they began to put in boundaries regarding the type of client they want to work with, working hours and what is acceptable and what is not. Sound familiar? Remember, not everyone is the same, so your boundaries will be different than the ones than the ones my humans have in place.

Take a little time and ask yourself some question (but make sure to answer honestly) these can also apply to your life not just your business:

  1. Do you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated?
  2. Do you say yes a lot more than you feel you should?
  3. Do you work or do for others more often and now you do not have time to take care of you or your business?
  4. Do you overlook and let things slide that you now consider yourself being taken advantage of?
  5. Do you go above and beyond for your clients or those in your life without any consideration of these actions?

These are just a few questions you should ask and if the answer is yes to one or many then you are really should take a serious look at setting up some boundaries. I am not saying stop being the loving, caring and helpful person you are, or to start being selfish but you need to be happy in your life and your business. Otherwise what is the point?  And trust me if the client truly appreciates all your efforts they will understand the boundaries you set if. People in your life should love you enough to understand. Besides, usually the person will even appreciate you more! I know my sister does.

Speaking of my sister she just went outside so I must go and watch her, sheesh a brother’s job is never done.

Till next week.Emmy


Hello there, I hope you are well this week and looking forward to some great weekend fun.

I do not know about you but Easter in my house is fun and sometimes a little hectic.

See one of my human dads and one of my human moms love to cook so we always have a great meal with friends over, which works  for me because this means all the tidbits for my sister and I, and lots of belly scratches, which take it from me is not a bad life at all.

My sister and I always used to stay away from the kitchen, it could be hectic and chaotic, but then my humans learned to work as a team and get things done. Now instead they each work on their area of expertise and also help to support the other when needed and it works.

So that made me think- working as a team and using your team correctly could be the correct way to tackle, complete and accomplish things. A team can be useful and helpful in many ways, I mean let’s face it you are no Dynomutt. You may want to handle and complete everything on your own; you can do that but is the end result what you really want it to be. If you have a team use them work together and see how much smoother everything seems to happen.

I am sure this could be used in business as well, No?

Do you have a team?

Do you all pull together and use your strengths to accomplish a goal or complete a project?

Do you support each other and share in the load?

Take time to have meetings to use the team and pull together and share your strengths and create products or work you would be happy to send to a client or use in your own business.

If you are not sure if you need a team, or where to find a team let my humans help you.

Okay, enough of that I gotta go and watch the birds in the yard only certain ones get a free pass.

Till next week. Emmy