Let’s talk about risks and when to take them and when to play it safe. If you are like my sister she is not a big risks taker, which works for her. She is happy and comfortable with her life. But me on the other hand I like to push the limits. When I do I learn, grow and sometimes I even gain some cool new stuff.

But how do you know when to take the risk and when to say no thanks?  Trust me, this is something you need to make sure to think about. Now I do not mean that you need to have a brain racking session every time you need to decide to do something. But on the big decisions, and especially those which involve a risk, take a minute and weigh it out. Take it from me, the time spent can mean all the difference. I will share a story with you, even though I am kind of ashamed to say, I did not stop and weigh the consequences of one of my decisions, and I man did I paid. I was doing my nightly yard patrol when I saw a skunk in my yard.  He was minding his own business, so I could have just walked away, but without a second of thought I went running after him.  Let’s just say my human parents could smell me coming to the door long before I arrived. And the bath that followed was not at all fun. So now I try to be smart and think about things first. And when it comes to my safety and risks my human parents are pretty smart.

Now I am not saying all decisions can end badly. Just remember that in life or business you need to take a moment and weigh the Pros (how will this help me in my business or life, what will I gain form this choice) and the Cons (what will this cost me, how much time and effort will this involve, will this hurt others) I mean let’s be real, there is ALWAYS two side to everything: the good and not so good (or bad). You cannot live your life without risks. Even my sister knows that, just be smart with them. Make sure the benefits outweigh the bad.

That is all for now I am going to go risk bugging my mom at her desk and see if it gets me a puppy cookie, I have weighed the pros and cons and I think the risk is worth taking.

Till next week. Emmy