This week is my favorite subject to share, as I am sure you know by now I love being pampered even if I have to do it myself. In my house I am known as the king, and the saying goes, “It is good to be king”.

But enough of that, I am a true believer in taking care of you, this does not mean you have to go spend hundreds of dollars on a spa or take a long vacation. Do not get me wrong those things are important and should be done as a way to treat yourself. I recommend at least twice a year if possible.

But you can practice self-care and not break the bank. You like that? My human dad taught me that saying. You have to take time for you, you cannot work all the time and then take care of everything you need to do in your home life and not unwind. You will burn out quickly this way and in the end you will be miserable. Also both your home life and business will suffer.

Take a little time and do something for you every day, even if it is 30 minutes. You will find this will recharge you and gets you back in the groove. Be sure to set boundaries for what is YOUR time. Better yet, put on your calendar and mark the time off. In my human moms’ case, they take a coffee time after lunch during the week. They also have chosen to take a long self –care break on the weekends. They also had to set work boundaries. (Which they say have to be done) But we can talk about those later.

Not sure what you can do in such a short time to recharge, here are some suggestions:
• Read a magazine
• Watch relaxing movie or TV program that does not require brain power
• Take a walk
• Relax, sit and drink a tea or coffee and think about nothing, in others words empty your thoughts, I am GREAT at this by the way.
• Meditate
• Play some music and dance
• Exercise (at home or at the gym)
• Call a friend and share a laugh

These are just a few ideas. You know better than anyone what you need to do to get your groove back. Trust me if you try doing this for one week you will see how different you can cope with your business and life stuff.

Also make sure you plan longer self-care activities when you can. Things like manicures, spa day, getting your hair and makeup done, shopping trip (for you), hiking, family time and date night are just a few that come to mind. (My moms’ send me and my sister to the puppy spa once a week!)
So long story short if you do not take some time for self-care you are not able to give your true best to yourself, your clients, your business or your family.

Well I need to go because sharing all of this has reminded me I need to go self-care and get some sun.

Till next week.Emmy

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I have written to you all, but hey I have a life too. Which brings me to what I want to share with you today. As you all know I love to play and enjoy life and I have awesome human parents that see that I get to do that, most of the time. But lately they have been working harder instead of smarter. So I had to sit them down and have a talk with them about this, because this was really cutting into my time and I cannot have that.
So here is what I shared with them and want to share with you all as well. Working harder does not always mean better. I know you have all heard the expression work smarter not harder…

Well here is what that really breaks down to, do what you are good at, do not make more work for yourself by trying to accomplish something that is either not what you know or not what you love. In the end you will be miserable and produce work you are not at all happy with and in most cases your clients will be disappointed with what was produced as well.

Next why do things the hard way, if you know how to do something quickly and still produce a product you and your customer will love, why would you do it any other way? Just think of the time you can save yourself and all the ways you could spend that time.

My parents are an awesome small team and they each have the own strengths and skills that make them unique. And they have really just started using this to work smarter not harder, which is great for me because like I said I love my time. You should also think about this if you are in a team time work situation if you are good at marketing but not so great at design or tech end of things, ask those in your team that are, to help you with the project. In the end you will find out the final product is something you will truly be happy to turn over to the client, but more than that think of the time you can save. More time saved means more time to play and who does not love that.

OH, I hear my mom calling it must be my time now. Until next time do what you love, love what you do. And always work smarter not harder.


Okay, so let start by saying my Christmas ended up being pretty great. My grandfather was home to spend it with me, and just between you and me my parents rocked the holidays, but let’s keep that our secret.

It was kind of a sad week in our house this week as we lost my oldest sister, she got sick and had to go see our Vet, who we all love so much. And he could not make her better so we had to say a sad good bye to her. This got me thinking did she know how much I loved her but more than that, did she know how grateful I was to her for all the great things she showed me and shared with me every day. How about all the things she did for me without my asking her? Did I show her or did I just take it for granted and forget to express my gratitude?

Do you have somebody you count on to help you in your life or business and you know without question they will never let you down? if so, have you said thank you to them lately? Have you told them how grateful you are that you can count on them without fail and they are always on your side and got your back?
I know we all get busy and forget, trust me I get busy with bones and chasing stuff in yard and am guilty of not letting my parents and other sister that I am grateful to them for their help, support and love, just to mention a few things.

Remember we all like to know that what we do is appreciated. I am not saying you have to do it every minute of the day, but do try to take 5 minutes a week and let those who help and support you whether in business or in life, that you are grateful for them and their efforts. You would be surprised how easy it is too do and how much it can mean to those people that are important to you.

Speaking of being grateful I see my mom heading to the kitchen, and since that is where my treats are, I am sure you can guess the rest.

And until next week. Let me say thank you for taking the time to read my blog this week, I am grateful!


Business relationships are going virtual and the demand for virtual assistants is growing gradually day by day. Professionals and business owners are struggling to balance their career and personal life. This causes them to feel overwhelmed and constantly stressed out because their work pile has become a complete hassle. These everyday tasks really can be a pain when trying to find time for yourself. Scenarios such as this is what leads professionals and business owners to find a quick, inexpensive alternative to relieve them of the chaos they are experiencing.

Virtual Assistants Are Versatile
Virtual Assistants are definitely considered “on-call” for a reason. They will work around the clock, if needed, to keep their clients happy. (This includes weekends and holidays.) As independent contractors, virtual assistants take their work seriously and put their best effort forth at all times. Here’s a look at the many valuable skills VAs possess, manage on a daily basis:

1. Newsletter Maintenance
Keeping in contact with your loyal clients is vital to keep your business afloat, this we do understand. Newsletters are a great way to reach out to your clients weekly or daily. This is also a great way to grow your target marketing audience.

2. Social Media Marketing
Social media is a great way to promote your products or services to the public. It is definitely an inexpensive option if you are on a budget.

3. Website Design & Maintenance
Websites are necessary for a growing, successful business. Many consumers have gone virtual, so you are more likely to keep a steady flow of sales with a running website. Your Virtual Assistants offers domains for as low as $9! If you already have a website, it can still be maintained but sometimes changes are good for business.

4. Graphic & Video Design Creation
Visuals are VERY important in the rise of technology. Consumers frequently share graphics and videos through social media networks. This is a great way to reach new people. Graphics and videos are also used when building or reconstructing a website.

5. Shopping Cart Maintenance
When selling through your website, you will need to set up a shopping cart like Shopify, WooCommerce, InfusionSoft, etc. Shopping carts can be a hassle to set up if you are not sure of what you are doing.

6. SEO
Complete optimization of your website means you will generate more traffic and gain more exposure.

This is just a brief summary of what a virtual assistant can do for you and your business. (To view a complete list of services provided by Your Virtual Assistants — click here.)

Virtual Assistants Can Also Save You Money
Believe it or not, hiring a virtual assistant can save yourself a good chunk of change by reducing labor and hiring costs.

1. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors and pay their own taxes.
2. You will not be required to provide worker’s compensation or employee benefits.
3. Virtual Assistants will only charge for their time spent on tasks that are assigned.
4. Office space & equipment does not have to be furnished because VAs already come equipped.
5. Training costs are pretty much thrown out the window once you hire the right VA. Many of them already have experience needed. Just be prepared to send thorough instructions and have plenty of work ready.

If you are ready for more personal time without worrying about your business declining, it may be time to consider a reliable VA to handle all your dirty work while you focus on more important things (like golfing).

Hello again it is me Emmy .My sisters and I have tried to be really good this year, we were not always successful at that, but then again who’s perfect right? So where should we begin, hum mm? My sister Tuesday (she is the little weight challenged black and white dog) would like to talk about getting a special Queen throne because somebody convinced her she was the queen of this kingdom, little does she know I am the King and Emperor so I out rank her. What my sister Chiquita and I think is that Tuesday should get a gym membership or a subscription to Jenny Craig (but please do not tell her that.) My sister Chiquita( the other black and white dog in case you forgot) would like to have a new sweater, she gets cold a lot in the winter, and let’s face it she is kind of a spoiled princess but then I am sure you already know that without my having to explain it. She would also like to discuss the possibility of not getting her toes wet when it rains and she has to go outside. I tried to tell her she was talking with the wrong guy for that one but you know how girls are. I guess that just leaves me, and as you know I am pretty easy to please.  I would like to have a bone or maybe two and I would like my family (and parents) to be happy. Oh I almost forgot would it be possible to get a pool next year, so I do not have to pretend the sprinkler is a pool because to be honest it is so not the same thing.

Thanks Santa for reading this and Merry Christmas,


Meet the Your Virtual Assistants Team.

Valerie, Johnna and Joel were the founders and co-owner of Computers 101 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for over 9 years. After the economic downturn in the US, many younger American began moving to Mexico and setting up shop as “computer experts” causing the number of computer techs had simply overwhelmed the existing market. After several strategy sessions, Computers 101 made the decision to entirely change the business model from an in-home computer and web site design services business to a virtual assistance company whose primary mission is providing all types of services to small and mid-sized companies.

Your Virtual Assistants was founded at the end of 2010.

Today, Your Virtual Assistants has five team members and a growing client base. As a way to introduce ourselves to our client base, we have decided to take this time out to allow you to get to know our team better. Every two weeks will will highlight of out team members. This week we will be featuring Johnna Londen. Johnna Londen moved to Mexico with her husband roughly 8 years ago. She started working as a ESL teacher in San Miguel de Allende. After Computers101 quickly began expanding its client base, she made a professional decision to join then Computers101 team as a computer technician and assist with the client calls and put her AA in Network Engineering to work for her.


More about Your Virtual Assistants Team Member Johnna1345 (2)

She enjoys music, exercising, movie watching as well as reading. She and her husband currently own 3 dogs; a Rat Terrier named Tuesday and a German Sheppard named Estrella and a Fox Terrier named Chiquita. She also just recently lost over 80 pounds-Congratulations!!

Check back again on the Your Virtual Assistants Blog page to find out more about the team and Your Virtual Assistants news.

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Meet the Your Virtual Assistants Team.


This edition we are introducing you to Joel Londen. Joel is our Graphic Design and Web Design “go to” guy. He has a great eye for design and is not the average designer.Joel Londen

Why Joel is vital to the Your Virtual Assistants team

He is known for thinking outside the box and gives a unique creative flair to all of his work. When not working, Joel is an avid computer game player. He also enjoys music (all different types) as well as an avid Food Network TV viewer. He is one who is comfortable in the kitchen and enjoys trying new flavors. He and his wife, Johnna, have been in San Miguel for over 8 years.

Other Virtual Assistants Team News

Your Virtual Assistants Team is pleased to announce that we are starting to get certified in special Virtual Assistants Areas. Please check out more on our Services page.