Okay, so let start by saying my Christmas ended up being pretty great. My grandfather was home to spend it with me, and just between you and me my parents rocked the holidays, but let’s keep that our secret.

It was kind of a sad week in our house this week as we lost my oldest sister, she got sick and had to go see our Vet, who we all love so much. And he could not make her better so we had to say a sad good bye to her. This got me thinking did she know how much I loved her but more than that, did she know how grateful I was to her for all the great things she showed me and shared with me every day. How about all the things she did for me without my asking her? Did I show her or did I just take it for granted and forget to express my gratitude?

Do you have somebody you count on to help you in your life or business and you know without question they will never let you down? if so, have you said thank you to them lately? Have you told them how grateful you are that you can count on them without fail and they are always on your side and got your back?
I know we all get busy and forget, trust me I get busy with bones and chasing stuff in yard and am guilty of not letting my parents and other sister that I am grateful to them for their help, support and love, just to mention a few things.

Remember we all like to know that what we do is appreciated. I am not saying you have to do it every minute of the day, but do try to take 5 minutes a week and let those who help and support you whether in business or in life, that you are grateful for them and their efforts. You would be surprised how easy it is too do and how much it can mean to those people that are important to you.

Speaking of being grateful I see my mom heading to the kitchen, and since that is where my treats are, I am sure you can guess the rest.

And until next week. Let me say thank you for taking the time to read my blog this week, I am grateful!


When it comes to helping your virtual assistants stay productive, nothing would be better than gaining their loyalty. This is because loyalty from your virtual assistants or VA’s does pay. When your VA’s are loyal to you, they will be willing to go beyond the call of duty to finish their tasks, they will do their best to make you happy and you may never have to go through time-consuming process of looking for VAs ever again. But the question is, how do you make your VA’s loyal to you?
The following are ways to increase VA loyalty, wherever they are from.

1. Ensure good match between the job and their skills.
Building loyalty starts from the hiring process. When your virtual assistant has the skills to succeed at the job and the kind of attitude that will blend with the values of your team or company, it would be easier to find happiness at work. A happy virtual assistant, much like happy regular employees, will never think of leaving a job that makes them feel that they’re valuable to the company.

2. Give regular feedback about the job.
Offering feedback about their job, especially positive feedback, will make virtual assistants feel appreciated for what they do. Praising their efforts for a job well done or offering constructive criticisms that will help them learn from their mistakes builds trust and loyalty.

3. Be friendly.
Treat VA’s as friends and they will reward you with loyalty. Friendliness means you care about them, engaging them in interesting conversations, getting to know who they are beyond the skills they can offer at work, and treating them with respect at all times.

4. Help them create a path to career success.
Providing growth opportunities can come in many forms. You can pay for their training or further education. You can also give them a raise or a promotion, if you have a hierarchy in your organization. A good way to encourage growth is by setting goals at the beginning of job then reward appropriately. The key here is to help them find fulfilment in the work that they do for you.

5. Trust your VA.
Most virtual assistants and even regular employees who work in a physical office would hate micro-managers. While it’s important to oversee their progress, it is actually offensive to ask about how they are doing every hour they work for you. Aside from being offensive, this may actually be also counter-productive. Instead of letting them focus on the job, you are wasting their time by asking for unnecessary updates all the time.
Loyal virtual assistants are a gem. Build trust and loyalty, and you will see the direct rewards of having a dedicated virtual assistant to your business.