I am just not in the mood to get all heavy today, so let’s talk on one of my favorite things, fun.Now it is summer time and you have to do fun stuff in the summer it is a law, okay maybe not but it should be.

( Note to self check into the steps to make this a law).

Now before you start thinking I would love to do some fun things this suimmer, but most things cost money than I have.  Think outside of the box! For those of you still stumped, that is what I am here for to be your guide to cheap summer fun. As you all know I am not a rich dog so I have to think about budget also, and since I have to include my sister and my humans in my fun, budget becomes very important.

Did you know during the summer a lot of musuems and galleries do specials on entrance fees and some even set aside one day a week usually on the weekends to get in for free?

How about a picnic, everybody loves to go on a picnic? And the cost is a little effort in the food prep, you can even get away with staying close if you go to the local park or playground.

Even setting the sprinkler in the yard can be fun, you are never to old to be a kid again. Be sure to take a minute and play. Life is too short not to play. What do all those things have in common very little or no money investment involved.

Now for a little money you can take advantage of movie specials, like two for one tickets or the matinee.

The point is, there are ways to enjoy your summer and have fun without breaking the bank. Summer does not always mean expensive vacation. Check in your area and find out but you might be surprised at all the things you can do to have fun and enjoy your summer.

Speaking of summer enjoyment, I am going to run around and roll in my soft green grass and play with one of my bones.

Till next week. Emmy