I am assuming that my title this week has gotten your attention, so let me explain. When we are little and still growing we get leg cramps some so bad you could not sleep, or was that just me? And before you know it you are all grown up and those pains go away. But just when you think that you are all done with growing pains, new ones appear…..The grown up kind.

You all know the ones I am talking about the ones that either come on because of a growing family or even a growing business. They make you stop and think about how to make the changes or adjustments that are needed to continue on the smooth and successful road in your business.

For me, I had to stop and really think if I was willing to share my house and life with my feathered brothers and sisters when my humans first added them to our house. And trust me I had some growing pains, I had to learn to share the attention and to deal with my parrot brothers and their loud broadcasting of the thoughts of the day. But in the end, I decided that my family growing was okay and worth it even if there was a little discomfort and pain that came with it. Now do not get me wrong it is not always fun and games in my house but after the growing pains stopped, our house is better for the changes.

Now you may be experiencing a similar thing in your life or business. Do you know what you need to do? One tip is just to face the discomfort of those growing pains. Then take a breath and make a plan.

Trust me and take the plunge and make the right adjustments to grow. Once the change is done and the plan is in motion you will find out that it is not so bad. Now you, your family or business will be better off and stronger for it.

Ready to move to the next level and tackle what comes next?

Just take a deep breath and maybe an aspirin or two for the pains and make the steps that are needed to grow and expand and make it happen. Take it from me, it really can be a great thing when it happens.

Till next week. Emmy