We have a holiday coming up this weekend. It is one of my favorites because my humans take  time off from work  and I get extra attention( and yes of course I know they work from home but when they work it is not all about me and as most of you know I think it should always be about me). But I do know that the holiday is a celebration of independence, do you know what that really means?

In my case I do a lot of delegating tasks to my humans and my sister so I can be free to enjoy the things I enjoy doing. Do you know how to delegate tasks to gain your independence and get more freedom? If you are not sure then chances are you are not doing this at all or not enough. If you whole day is filled with things that you have to do or you are sure they will not get done then you have not truly learned to embrace your independence yet.

So listen up let me explain how this works for you:

First look at all the things you do in a day, week or even in the month, Does it all need to be done by you and you alone? Or are there some things that can really be handed off to another to complete with little or no effort on your part.

If the answer to that was yes then you are walking down the path to accomplish this in your life. But just knowing it is not doing it. Take me for instance I always thought only I could keep my yard safe then one day I really wanted a nap and I could not do yard patrol and a nap so I delegated yard duty to my sister and got the freedom to nap in peace.

You next step should be then to hand over the things you can assign to another, I know letting go not easy to do but in the end you will be happier for it, trust me.

Once you have done this step back take, breathe and decide what you WANT to do with the time you have just gained in your life.

Now if you will excuse me my humans are discussing 4th of July and food and I have to be present for the conversation.

I wish you all a HAPPY and SAFE 4TH OF JULY!


Till next week. Emmy