Okay now I know a lot of you are thinking why that title…Well I was confused why it was called Labor  day when nobody was supposed to labor.  I mean it is an honest mistake. So now that I know the real definition of the day and what you SHOULD do or not do, so let’s talk.

Did you know the day was created to celebrate all the hard work that you do the rest of the year? Pretty cool no? So with that in mind,  you should take the day and enjoy it with your family and friends. Have a BBQ or just sit and relax and enjoy the fact that it is a work day you are not having to work on.

For those of you who still will have to work, make sure to do something for yourself to celebrate all you have accomplished over the year,  even if it is just grabbing a Starbuck’s coffee. You do not need to have a grand celebration to enjoy a day meant to honor you.

For me, now that I know there is a day for me to reflect and be happy of my year’s work, I am going to ask for a BBQ , a hot dog and hamburger. I mean I earned it with my nightly patrols for the cat.

I would like to wish you all a HAPPY LABOR DAY for all from me and all of us in my family.

Till next week. Emmy