Well my week started out really good when one of my human moms came back after being gone for a week at something called a networking event. Now if you are like me, you had no clue what this is but now I do.

So let me explain it to you this is where you go to sit or meet with people and share ideas and thoughts. In business this is used to meet and share your business knowledge and learn about others. Now for those who are still unsure how this can be of benefit to you in life or business let me explain it to you.

In life you want to be able to meet people who have same interest or like to do the same things will hopefully become friends.

But in business, these events or meetings are a good way to share your business or product in more friendly and personable way. This is also useful to find possible clients, even If those at the event are not the client you are trying to gain. There is always a good chance that they may know somebody who could use your services or products.

For instance I go to Puppy Spa every week. Of course I get my bath, puppy blow out (kind of like a Brazilian blow out) and my manicure. But more than that, while I am there I get to learn about what is happening in the city where I live in. Who’s hot who and who’s not. So mine is more of a personal networking thing,  but I think you get the concept, No?

Speaking of my networking my mom just told me that I get to go tomorrow to Puppy Spa and I cannot wait.

Till next week. Emmy