If you are also a Speaker, we can provide you complete Speaker support. Your Virtual Assistants is ready to help you build your brand and your name. We are fully proficient in E-speaker software and can assist you with finding speaking gigs and growing your business. If you are ready to start making a name for yourself, or just want to continue building your brand, we can help!

Did you know…

  • The average annual salary for a motivational speaker was $88,000 as of 2013,
  • $5,000 fee is typical of speakers who have achieved keynote status
  • There are 4 main types of Motivational Speakers: Personal Development, Business, Youth Mentor and Community
  • There are over 50,000 speakers including professional speakers, motivational public speakers and trainers in the marketplace today.

Let’s look at the numbers…
Time to research speaking events to speak at- 2-10 hours
Time to create speaker sheet- 1-2 hours
Time to create speaker documents- 2-4 hours
Time to contact potential event organizers- 1-3 hours
Time to make travel arrangements- 1 hour
Time to manage travel documents- 30 min
Time to send thank you notes after event- 1 hour
Time to gather testimonials- 1 hour

Total time over 9 hours!

Now, just how much are you paying your VA to do these tasks… $20? $25? $30? more?

Speaker Packages


Starter Package


Setting up and maintaining a tracking system of events and paperwork.

Updating all events, sending out all Letter of Agreements, Invoices and W-9s

30 min. research for event locations

Requesting after event testimonials and endorsements


Premium Package


For Speakers that already have a portfolio.


Professional Package


Perfect for the Speaker who is a well known keynote speaker or wants to focus more on public speaking.

Add on Packages


Speaker Document Creation


Creation of all documents needed (Letter of Agreement, Deposit Invoice, and Final Payment Invoice)

Custom design one page speaker sheet with graphics

Up to 2 revisions per document/sheet


Starter Event Research Only


2 hours researching speaking events

Creation of spreadsheet with these events and all event information


Premium Event Research Only


Intensive 2-3 hours research of possible speaking events

Creation of spreadsheet with these events and all event information